Thursday, November 20, 2008

what to do

Ugh, haven't had a chance to pick up the camera this week for more than a few shots. I did some more editing on my Austin trip, so I'll post some of those - but really I need to get on the ball!

I was so excited to see comments from some of my Austin photog buddies, thanks for checking in girls!

Got a (non-photography) job offer today. I am so torn if I should pursue the photography career or go back to making good money with the fashion business. It's hard to walk away from the money, but I don't feel like my heart is in it. The strangest thing - as I'm thinking of what to do I feel like someone has been sending me signs all day. Even Elmo was about cameras today! It's so hard to decide!


shari said...

i can't tell you what to do...but i can tell you that you are VERY talented!

aaaaand you know your stuff!

Nicole said...

Life is short. Do what makes your heart happy. You are very talented. It was great meeting you at the workshop. I am glad we got to spend some time together! Your little guy is AMAZINGLY adorable!!