Tuesday, November 11, 2008

deep in the heart (work of heart, that is) of Texas...

Hi y'all!
I'm saying y'all because I just got back from a great trip to Austin, Texas from a photography workshop with Skye Hardwick. (WAY amazing child photographer!!)

It was an amazing experience, especially getting to meet so many people with the same interest as me. My friends at home have NO interest in talking shop with me (they don't even know what photoshop is!) so it was really cool to be able to be a photo geek for a weekend.

I'll post some more later - this little girl was my favorite. She told me we looked alike which made me feel like I connected with her (especially because she wasn't much of a talker) and I took it as a HUGE compliment as she is so stinking gorgeous.


Haley said...

we miss you here in Texas! Your pictures are so great!! I cant wait to see more of your pictures. I cannot beleive you were nervous about the workshop. You are very talented!

shari said...

this one is great!

i am really liking your color!

and the more i think about it, the more i love your name!