Monday, November 24, 2008

Boys will be boys

Well, had an *interesting* shoot yesterday. Two brothers, 4 and 6 who DID NOT want their picture taken. My friend's sons - I think it was actually harder to get them to listen b/c they knew me! Running away, not sitting, not standing, sticking out tongues and bugging out eyes. Yikes! Got a few shots, but I was so flustered I had my ss at 60 for the first 20 shots and I blew a bunch that might have worked so I am SO mad at myself. It's not a mistake I make anymore so I was a bit disappointed that I didn't set up right.
Here's one that worked, but the majority were horrible! Back to the drawing board...
Can't decide if I like bw or color better...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ying & Yang

oops, I did take some pictures this week and apparently I forgot. It's been that kind of week... Here's little J - not the best picture but there is something cool about it I like...

what to do

Ugh, haven't had a chance to pick up the camera this week for more than a few shots. I did some more editing on my Austin trip, so I'll post some of those - but really I need to get on the ball!

I was so excited to see comments from some of my Austin photog buddies, thanks for checking in girls!

Got a (non-photography) job offer today. I am so torn if I should pursue the photography career or go back to making good money with the fashion business. It's hard to walk away from the money, but I don't feel like my heart is in it. The strangest thing - as I'm thinking of what to do I feel like someone has been sending me signs all day. Even Elmo was about cameras today! It's so hard to decide!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

deep in the heart (work of heart, that is) of Texas...

Hi y'all!
I'm saying y'all because I just got back from a great trip to Austin, Texas from a photography workshop with Skye Hardwick. (WAY amazing child photographer!!)

It was an amazing experience, especially getting to meet so many people with the same interest as me. My friends at home have NO interest in talking shop with me (they don't even know what photoshop is!) so it was really cool to be able to be a photo geek for a weekend.

I'll post some more later - this little girl was my favorite. She told me we looked alike which made me feel like I connected with her (especially because she wasn't much of a talker) and I took it as a HUGE compliment as she is so stinking gorgeous.