Saturday, October 25, 2008

(double click to see enlarged) And do not steal or you will be shot, burned at the stake, then tarred and feathered. Actually, that would be tarred and feathered then burned at the stake. You get the picture)

Today Daddy is away so I had all morning to torture Jack with my camera! (insert evil Halloween laugh here) Honestly, the poor thing is such a sport and really must think that Mommy has this thing completely attached to her eye at certain parts of the day. This pic is sort of him getting ready to tell me to just quit it... well, if he could talk anyway.

This week I'm working on getting tack sharp eyes. I have been starting to what looks like overexpose on my meter - it seems to get me much better exposure! I had this little AH-HA moment when reading on ILP noteworthy section - the camera reads to 18% grey - which I knew. However, most caucasian skins are lighter than that, so some cameras might be better to compensate for that while metering. Genious!!! A little light bulb went off. I just couldn't understand why it was underexposed when all my little lines were lined up and I was spot metering off the face. Now I get it!!! YAY!!!

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