Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Every day

So I've decided that I must take a photo a day. Whether it stinks or is great, I need to keep working at my craft. Gosh, that sounds corny when written out!
I've also decided to put my blog on my siggie at ILP and Creative mentoring. Otherwise I'll get too lazy about posting.
I had a horrible sitting with my son the other day. The weather was perfect, his outfit was perfect, the setting was perfect - and I blew it!! I was only able to take a few shots before he got really cranky - unfortunately not enough time for me to get ready. Where's a photo assistant when you need one?!!! Yeah, pretty far away from that! ;)
Took this of Jack early in the morning. He loves playing by the window, which is just perfect for me to practice!

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Dana said...

Saw your post on ILP today and commented. It is nice to see someone else is struggling to learn this photography thing.