Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm having a bad photography day. I am getting so nervous for Skye Hardwick's workshop I want to throw up!! I am soooo behind all the other photographers attending. In a moment of what I thought was shining wisdom I decided to take this workshop for trial by fire - to get better quicker by surrounding myself with pros. Now I feel like I am taking this step WAY too soon. I am really cramming in shots for the next two weeks before I leave for Austin. I MUST get better before I go. Not only do I not want to embarress myself, I want to get the most out of it that I can.

Ugh, my stomach.

Took this of little J this morning. I am working on black and white today.


RastaRicanStudio said...

You will be fine. Remember Kindergarten, ok forget that. Share with the rest of the class and take turns. Oh, naps are ok. Just practice your breathing, without nothing is worth it. Think before you click. ISAW = ISO, Shutter Speed. Aperture, White balance. All will make you greater then once were. Between the the trinity (no not that one) ISO, SS, Aperture will allow you to be creative on top of technically on point.
Peace and Blessings

shari said...

did you show me this one in the airport?

i do not remember how AWESOME this one was!

this one brought so many emotions to my heart!

you NEED to get a big one of this!

or feature on your future website! it is beautiful!