Thursday, March 19, 2009

J's best bud Bubba

This is J's best bud - his mom asked that I not post his name - so we'll just call him Bubba.
Bubba is a little firecracker - hates to stand in one place so it's almost impossible to get him looking at you. I still love this one - it's my favorite that I've taken of him so far. You can see his mischievous grin and a frisky devil in his eyes. He's one of my favorite people and so is his mom. We've been best friends since forth grade and we lucky enough to have our boys two weeks apart!

Also - just to add - I see you people! I know you're reading my blog, so how 'bout some love? :)


Nicole said...

adorable. i'm here and following your journey. Your pictures are amazing :)

Haley said...

those 2 boys are going to be T R O U B L E! watch out ladies!

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! :)

Hey Cristina - just wanted to pop in and say hello :) Love that red vest! He's a cutie for sure!