Monday, February 2, 2009

J has been sick all weekend - it's been a rough couple of days. Going back to the doctor today. At least this image makes me smile a bit!
This shot was inspired by my photog buddy Haley - check out her chair version here: , it's much better than mine! I love her green chair!!


shari said... sad!

he's so cute!

Haley said...

So funny- I was drooling over this pic from the forum! And I have been googleing the heck out of big shells!!! Trust me- you are an inspiration to me :)

Haley said...

also--- i cannot believe you have joshua radin as your song on here. I LOVE HIM!!! i so wished you lived closer :( I will be in NYC in may!

Crystal D. said...

um, i think its time to change your blog header ... you rock miss thang!!

cristina c. said...

aw, thanks guys! your support means a lot to me!